Mechanical Engineering Major

What makes the mechanical engineering program at York College, one of the best mechanical engineering schools in Pennsylvania, unique? A hands-on, project-based design component beginning in the freshman year, a required co-op consisting of three semesters of full-time employment, small class sizes and labs, and a large-scale real-world capstone design project which includes projects such as formula-style race cars, dune buggies and autonomous robots.

Careers in Mechanical Engineering

As an engineering graduate of York College, you will have a variety of career options.

Careers include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
  • Automation Controls and Instrumentation Design
  • Equipment Design and Production
  • Energy Production, Utilization and Management
  • Engineering Systems Analysis and Synthesis
  • Materials Characterization and Engineering
  • Product Research and Development
  • Graduate Study in Engineering, Business, Law or Medicine

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism is how someone carries one’s self. It is their behaviors, dress, attitude, etc. "

Morgan Kirk,

Learn more about all things professional at York College.


Co-op Program

Engineering Co-operative work experience is a requirement for all Engineering students. Through this program you will have the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience with paid professional engineering work in industry. Learn more about our Co-op program.



ABET Accreditation

The Mechanical Engineering major at York College is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.



Faculty Spotlight


Tim Garrison, Scott Kiefer, and Emine Celik, assistant professors, physical sciences/mechaical engineering, presented a paper titled "A Project-Based, Industry-Driven Freshman Design Sequence for Mechanical Engineers," at the 2014 Freshman Year Engineering Experience Conference.