Engineering Classrooms

All of the classrooms used for instruction in the engineering and computer science majors reside within the Kinsley Engineering Center. There are two smart-light classrooms, a physics classroom/laboratory and three computer classrooms.

Two "smart-light" classrooms:

  • holds approximately 35 students
  • multiple whiteboards
  • electronic instructor's station
  • DVD player, internet access, and a projection system

One classroom was donated by:

Frank Motter H '03


Flexible Classroom mainly used for engineering physics classes

Physics classroom/laboratory:

  • Used for integrated lecture/labs
  • Capacity of 48 students
  • Electronic instructor station
  • Laptop cart containing 18 laptops used for experiments
  • Forward/rear facing projectors for viewing materials from anywhere in the room

Three Computer classrooms, each consisting of:

  • 24-30 student workstations (desktop PC and desk space)
  • Instructor workstation includes a desktop PC 
  • Each PC is connected to the college network resources
  • Each PC has special purpose software load including:
    • Microsoft Office Suite
    • Visual Studio
    • DataStudio
    • Working Model
    • Ansys
    • Labview
    • Mathcad
    • MATLAB
    • SolidWorks 

Computer Lab/Classroom