Research in Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry

The Chemistry faculty are active in cutting-edge research and involve Chemistry majors throughout their careers at York College. This page highlights the research posters that students presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society held in the city of Dallas, Texas the week of March 16, 2014.



Creation of biodiesel from used vegetable oil using an alkaline catalyst.

Timothy Abell

Advisors: Kathleen Halligan and Gregory Foy



Natural product investigation of Brosimum lactescens via spectroscopic techniques

Zach Bensley

Advisor: Kathleen Halligan



Isolation of Martinella obovata via flash column chromatography

Naomi Bryner

Advisor: Kathleen Halligan


Extraction and quantification of amphetamine salt metabolites from hair by SFE and GC-MS

Caitlin Carmody

Advisor: Gregory Foy  



Student mentor to ACS student delegates at the UN Convention on Climate Change

Nicole DeLuca

Advisors: Gregory Foy and Keith Peterman 



Detection of amphetamines in alcohol using GC-FID and NMR techniques

Kristen Eccleston

Advisor: Gregory Foy



Instrumental analysis of oxidative DNA damage in yeast cells using 8-oxoguanine as a marker

Donald Hall

Advisors: Gregory Foy and Jessica Fautch



Presumptive blood testing using X-ray fluorescence to determine iron content

Ashley Kimble

Advisor: Gregory Foy


Environmental perspectives from New Zealand to York, Pennsylvania

David Millard

Advisor: Gregory Foy 


Functionalization of SWCNTs with Stone-Wales and vacancy defects: A density functional theory analysis

Katheryn Penrod

Advisor: James Foresman


Evaluation of laboratory-made chemicals for the visualization of fingerprints under several conditions using a variety of porous surfaces

Christina Robinson

Advisor: Sherry Brown


Investigation of novel compounds from Garcinia binucao by SFE and TLC

Travis Slaysman

Advisor: Kathleen Halligan 


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