Research in Chemistry and Forensic Chemistry

The Chemistry faculty are active in cutting-edge research and involve Chemistry majors throughout their careers at York College. This page highlights the research posters that students presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society held in the city of New Orleans, March 2013.



Synthesis of ester/ether analogs for the inhibition of A. flavus

Delaney Caudill

Advisors: Kathleen Halligan and John Beck



Solvent effects on chiral compounds: a VCD comparison

Timothy Cumming

Advisor: James Foresman  



Investigation of diet myths by instrumental analysis

Maegan Dailey

Advisor: Gregory Foy


Identification of inks by TLC and HPCL

Nicole Dixon

Advisor: Sherry Brown  


Detection of blood using hemascein and fluorescein

Amanda Lagace

Advisor: Sherry Brown 



Effects of rain on gunshot residue at different distances using/comparing inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy and X-ray fluoresence

Christopher Lloyd

Advisor: Gregory Foy



Investigation of a tricyclic natural product as a kairomone to control the naval orangeworm

Michael Marroquin

Advisors: Kathleen Halligan and John Beck



Detecting the presence of gunshot residue of a 9mm handgun equipped with a suppressor

David Millard

Advisor: Sherry Brown


X-ray fluorescence analysis of grease samples to determine wear

Andrew Mullenax

Advisor: Gregory Foy 


Conversion of vegetable oil to biodiesel on a large scale

Daniel Palumbo and Edward Habina

Advisors: Kathleen Halligan and Gregory Foy


Modeling and understanding solvent effects on Carbon-13 NMR spectra

John Siller

Advisor: James Foresman


Analysis of natural and synthetic fibers using SPOT software

Rachel Warehime

Advisor: Sherry Brown 



Creation of a fiber database using micro-spectrophotometer/FTIR

Samuel Yatzkan

Advisor: Sherry Brown


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