Recognition Awards

Each year, Eta Eta Chapter recognizes members for their excellence in nursing in five categories: Mentorship, practice, research, education, and leadership. Nominations are accepted each summer. The awards are presented to the recipients at our annual induction ceremony held in November.

 Eta Eta Chapter is proud of the noteworthy nurses who are recipients of chapter recognition awards.

Award for Excellence in Mentorship

Actively shapes and promotes the career of a nurse or the development of a chapter.
Freely shares our own resources for the growth and development of the individual or the chapter.
Maintains the mentoring relationship over time.

Award for Excellence in Nursing Practice

Demonstrates breadth of knowledge in area of clinical nursing practice.
Develops creative approaches to nursing practice that contribute to quality client care.
Possesses clinical expertise and attributes of a clinical scholar.
Advances the scope and practice of nursing.
Serves as mentor/preceptor that inspires peer’s practice of nursing.
Influences the practice of nursing through communication.
Enhances the image of nursing through nursing practice.
Participates in community affairs, legislation, or organizations that affect nursing practice.

Award for Excellence in Nursing Research  

Conducts distinguished research in nursing.
Communicates nursing research findings.
Writes scholarly works related to nursing theory and/or nursing research.
Gives evidence of a history of nursing research activities.
Encourages research activities within nursing and Sigma Theta Tau International.

Award for Excellence in Education

Demonstrates excellence in teaching.
Advances the science of nursing through clarifying, refining and/or expanding the knowledge base of nursing.
Promotes a theory/research base for nursing curricula and nursing practice.
Influences scholarly development in nursing education, practice, and/or research through teaching.
Influences the professional practice of nursing and the public’s image of nursing through excellence.

Award for Excellence in Leadership

Receives local, national, or international recognition as a nursing leader in education, practice, administration, or research.
Influences leadership in nursing through visionary and innovative approaches to leadership.
Creates an environment that enhances the image of nursing/nurses.
Participates in the development of nursing leaders and leadership.