Honor Society of Nursing

Eta Eta Chapter is the York College chapter of the
Honor Society of Nursing Sigma Theta Tau International.

  • Members are professional nurses and nursing students
  • Sponsored by York College of Pennsylvania
  • 350 active members
  • Emphasis on career assistance
  • Three scholarly programs per year
  • Annual day-long research program
  • Mentoring program for recent graduates
  • Opportunities for scholarships
  • Networking and volunteer opportunities

Eta Eta Chapter goes to the York Revolutions baseball game!

Chapter members conducted blood pressure screenings and enjoyed the Revs vs Houston TX Sugarland Skeeters game.
Photo: Revolution mascot DownTown sits between Stacey Okoth, President (left) and Charlotte Wool, President-elect.

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October Meeting

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

D‌r. Melissa Schneider

Tuesday, October 14, 6:00 pm

Holiday Social

Welcome new members

Complimentary dinner

Tuesday, December 2, 6:00 pm

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Mentor Program

New members are matched
with experienced nurses.
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Contact Info

Eta Eta Chapter
York College of Pennsylvania
York, PA 17403
717-815-1298  stti@ycp.edu

Board 2014-2015

President Stacey Okoth sokoth@wellspan.org
President-elect Charlotte Wool cwool@ycp.edu
Vice President Deb Lampo dlampo@wellspan.org
Treasurer Barb Buchko bbuchko@wellspan.org0
Secretary Roxy Maugans rmaugans@wellspan.org
Faculty Counselor Melissa Schneider maschnei@ycp.edu
Faculty Counselor Stacy Lutter slutter@ycp.edu
Governance Norma Beyer nbeyer@ycp.edu
Governance Sue Wisotzkey swisotzkey@wellspan.org
Governance Karen Dykstra kdykstra53@gmail.com
Leadership Succession Committee Abi Strouse astrouse@wellspan.org
Leadership Succession Committee Carolyn Smih csmith36@wellspan.or
Newsletter Editor Patty Myers  pmyers2@ycp.edu
Circle Webmaster & Archivist  Karen Dykstra  kdykstra53@gmail.com
 Webmaster  Deborah Barton  dbarton@ycp.edu