Preparation for NCLEX

Our Nursing department has a plan in place to ensure that you will pass the NCLEX-RN, the state licensing exam.

  • Test-taking strategies
  • NCLEX-like testing in each course
  • HESI PracticeTest
  • HESI Exit Exam
  • Live review course
  • Online and print resources

Test-taking strategies

The first clinical course, NUR 210, Basic Principles in Nursing, includes content on test-taking strategies.

NCLEX-like testing in each course

Each nursing course designs its test format and test questions so that they are similar to the NCLEX questions. Students practice this style of testing from second semester sophomore year through their final semester.

HESI RN PracticeTest

Student purchase access to HESI RN PracticeTest, an online set of practice tests, during their first semester junior year and have access to it for the next two years. It offers 1200 critical thinking practice questions. In addition to a comprehensive exam, it includes two exams for each of these areas: community health, management, fundamentals, medical-surgical, maternity, pediatrics, pharmacology, and psychiatric mental health. All junior and senior clinical courses have an assignment involving one or more of the practice tests.

HESI Exit Exam

Each YCP nursing student takes the HESI Exit Exam about six weeks before graduation. This 160-item computerized, comprehensive exam simulates the licensure exam and measures student preparedness for the licensure exam. The Exit Exam identifies the student’s strengths and weaknesses and need for remediation prior to taking the licensure exam.

Live Review Course

The Department of Nursing arranges for a live review course (such as Kaplan) to be held here on the YCP campus twice a year, in May to accommodate May graduates, and in January to accommodate December graduates.Students can choose to take the course in preparation for taking the NCLEX-RN exam.

Online Resources

Students can purchase access to online resources.Here are examples of online resources: