APA Writing Style

‌Undergraduate and graduate nursing students write in American Psychological Association (APA) Style, an editorial style adopted by the social and behavioral sciences.

Students follow APA guidelines to ensure clear and consistent presentation of written material.

York College nursing students may use an APA template to help them format their written assignments. The template sets up a blank document in APA 6th edition format and automatically formats the reference list.

APA resources

Samples of APA style

How to access the APA template

The APA Template is available on computers in all YCP computer labs.

To open the template, click:
Office Button  -    New   -   My Templates  -  APA6thEd.wiz -  OK

 Additional APA commands can be found under APA menu.

 ‌Instructions for using APA template

What the APA template will do

  • Sets the proper margins and line spacing
  • Creates a title page
  • Creates an abstract page (optional), body of the paper, and reference page
  • Puts the running head on every page
  • Inserts short title and page number on upper right corner of every page
  • Indents first line of new paragraph
  • Assists in formatting the reference page
  • Inserts citations in the body of your paper
  • Formats subheadings
  • Changes the font of the entire document

Using the template after you've typed the body of your paper

1. Start a new document using the template
2. Save the new document
3. Copy the body of your paper and paste it into the new document in this way:

Paste – Paste Special – Unformatted Text

Video tutorials

Video tutorials for using APA Template in Word 2010

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