Undergrad Nursing Projects

Catch the spirit of inquiry!

Nursing students use evidence-based practice:

  • Ask a clinical question in focused, structured format
  • Locate relevant research studies, articles, guidelines
  • Appraise the quality of the evidence
  • Summarize the findings of the best evidence
  • Consider patients' preferences and experts' opinions
  • Determine the best plan for patient care 
  • Implement and evaluate the plan
  • Publicize the results of the project

Students work in small groups to investigate clinical questions. They use the process of evidence-based inquiry to review resources on the topic and determine the best practices for effective nursing care.

Examples of questions recently investigated by York College nursing students:

  • Does a hospital’s implementation of an electronic medication administration record increase patient safety?
  • What is the impact of nurse-to-patient ratio in the intensive care setting?
  • Does overcrowding in the emergency department affect patient care and outcomes?
  • Can thermoregulation be maintained on a newborn during the admission bath without the use of a radiant warmer?
  • Do nurses with specialty certification have fewer adverse outcomes than nurses without specialty certification?
  • What are the best practices to promote compliance and reduce barriers to standard precautions for hospitalized patients?
  • What length of time is optimal for pre-operative smoking cessation to reduce post-operative complications?
  • What are the most effective nursing strategies for management of urinary retention in the post-op patient?