BS in Nursing

What is important to you? Class size? Clinical experience?
You'll want to know these facts about York Nursing:

  • 600 students
  • 120 graduates per year
  • 36 typical class size
  • 8:1 clinical student faculty ratio
  • 5 semesters of clinical experience
  • 25 clinical facilities

‌Program Tracks

You will have a choice of two tracks as a York College Nursing major. Both offer the same courses and clinical experiences in the same order. The tracks differ in how many courses you take during each semester.

Course sequence: Track 1     Track 2       Overview of curriculum:  Academic Worksheet    

Track 1 - Spring Clinical Progression Track 2 - Fall Clinical Progression
Eight semesters - 3 general education, 5 clinical Nine semesters - 4 general education, 5 clinical
Required to have two lab sciences every semester Not required to have two lab sciences every semester
Must complete a summer minimester No summer minimesters required
Heavier course load each semester Carry a more even and manageable distribution of credits every semester
Clinical courses begin Spring of sophomore year Clinical courses begin Fall of junior year
Graduation in May (4 years) Graduation in December (4 ½ years)

Both Nursing Track 1 (Spring Clinical Progression) and Nursing Track 2 (Fall Clinical Progression) students must adhere to the course sequence of their respective curricula.