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Hospitality Management Major

Our Hospitality Management major provides students with a wide range of critical-thinking and problem-solving skills related to becoming an effective manager within the hospitality industry. Our program at York College, one of the top hospitality management schools in Pennsylvania, will also give you strong general business and leadership skills, and skills in specific business fields including accounting, management, marketing, finance and economics. In addition, our major provides a continuous experiential learning component which bridges classroom learning and hands-on summer work experiences.

In the picture to the right, the Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible host, Anthony Melchiorri, visited and spoke privately with a group of YCP Hospitality Management students.

Careers in Hospitality Management

The Hospitality Management major prepares students for one of the largest and most diverse career fields in the U.S.

Careers include:

  • Hotel/Resort Management
  • Tourism (Convention, Tourism and Event Management)
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Golf & Club Management
  • Institutional Food Services Management
  • Cruise Line Management
  • Airline Management
  • Theme Park Management

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