International Relations Major

Our International Relations major emphasizes the understanding of global issues and world cultures, and traces the political, social, ideological and economic history of the world. Our major addresses the idea of globalization as well as the challenges and opportunities present in a closely integrated world. It also provides a path for those students who are interested in international areas of Political Science such as international trade, diplomacy, war, peace and security, the environment and international organizations, among many other subjects.

Careers in International Relations

Typically International Relations students are seeking careers abroad in government or private industry, degrees in journalism or education, or intend to pursue graduate studies.

Careers include: 

  • The United States Foreign Service
  • Government agencies such as Defense, CIA and AID
  • International organizations such as the United Nations, multinational corporations, and non-profit organizations both domestic and international
  • Teaching at the university and high school level

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism to me is being accountable, reliable, and hard working. With those three skills and a solid knowledge base, success will follow."

Chris Gause,

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