Faculty Bio

Mel Kulbicki, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science


  • B.A., University of Maryland, Baltimore County (1970)
  • M.A., The Pennsylvania State University (1972)
  • Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University (1979)


  • American Government
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • American Political Thought
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
  • Modern Political Theory


  • Accepted into the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars 2008
  • Professional Service and Leadership Award at York College, December 2004
  • Seminar grant The Institute for the Study of Applied and Personal Ethics 2005
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (national honor society in political science)

Recent Publications

  • Kulbicki M, Martin, J, Hooper, ML: Rescuing Professionalism. Proceedings of the annual International Conference for Social Science 2007
  • Kulbicki M, Martin, J, Hooper, ML: Measuring Teacher Professionalism Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2005, pp.48-54.
  • Kulbicki, M: "Will Government Make the Grade?" Just in Case edited by Michael Brownlee, Barbara Stahura and Robert Yehling, Origin Press, 1999. pp.75-83
  • Kulbicki,M: “Franklin Roosevelt” and “Jimmy Carter” The Encyclopedia of the Democratic Party, E.M. Sharpe, New York, 1996
  • Kulbicki, M. “The Electoral College” Campaign '96: Resource Guide for Teachers , C-SPAN, 1995