Faculty Bio

John Altman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science

Department Chair and Political Science Coordinator


  • B.A., The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (1988)
  • M.P.A., The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (1990)
  • Ph.D., The University of Tennessee (1997)


  • American Government
  • Scope and Methods of Political Science
  • Politics of Public Policy
  • The Congress
  • The Presidency

Research Interests

  • Comparative state policy analysis
  • The politics of energy and environmental policy
  • Studying determinants and effects of local government fragmentation


  • Faculty Associate, Legislative Office for Research Liaison, PA House of Reps, 2006-present
  • Faculty Recognition Award, York College of Pennsylvania, 2003
  • Faculty Commencement Speaker, York College of Pennsylvania, 2003

Recent Publications

  • Altman, John A. 2009. “The Next Four Years - What to Expect.” York College of Pennsylvania Magazine (Winter): 7.
  • Altman, John and Stan Buchanan. 2008. “Explaining State Variation in Emergency Medical Service Provision.” Illinois Political Science Review 12 (Spring): 11-25.
  • Altman, John A. 2003. “The Articles and the Constitution: Similar in Nature, Different in Design.” Pennsylvania Legacies 3 (1): 20-21.