Faculty Bio

Gerald Siegel, Ph.D.

Professor of English


  • B.A., Western Maryland College (1963)
  • M.A., Texas Christian University (1966)
  • M.Phil., George Washington University (1969)
  • Ph.D., George Washington University (1972)


  • American Literature
  • Popular Literature and Literature of Terror
  • Perspectives in Literature
  • The American Novel and the American Fiction of the Gilded Age
  • First-year Writing

Research Interests

  • International education
  • Popular literature and popular culture
  • American literature and American studies
  • Gothic and horror literature
  • The teaching of literature


  • Invited Visiting Professor, FON University, Macedonia (2010)
  • Fulbright Scholar—Macedonia (2004-2005)
  • Marion Von Rosenstiel Service Award, PA College English Assoc. (2001)
  • Fulbright Scholar—Belgium (1997)

Recent Publications

  • Siegel, Gerald. English editor, Building a Dream: Selected Poems. Todor Chalovski. Skopje: Congress Service Center, in press.
  • Siegel, Gerald. English editor (with Graham Reid), Silence Between Two Worlds: Ars Poetica. A Thematic Selection of Contemporary Macedonian Poetry. Ed. Kristina Nikolovska. Struga: Struski Veceri Poezijata na Poezijata, 2005.
  • Siegel, Gerald. “Critical Approaches to Capote’s In Cold Blood. Godishen Zemje [Cyril and Methodius Filoshki Fakultet annual], September, 2005.
  • Siegel, Gerald. English editor (with Jennifer Semple Siegel), Boris Trajkovski. Jason Miko. Skopje: Boris Trajkovski International Foundation, 2004.