Spring on the York College campus

Student Teaching

The professional semester is the final semester and the culmination of your teacher preparation consisting of Student Teaching or an Alternate program.

During student teaching, the student will put into practice skills and theories learned in the excellent courses at YCP as well as skills and theories of the assigned cooperating teacher. As the student teaching semester progresses the student teacher will acquire responsibilities until he or she has full responsibility for the entire day.

The student teacher will spend a minimum of two weeks with full responsibility. Upon successful conclusion of student teaching, student teachers will receive a grade, a letter of recommendation from their college supervisor, and a letter of recommendation from their cooperating teacher. Transportation for Student Teaching is the responsibility of the student. There is the possibility that the student may be placed up to 55 miles away for Student Teaching.

York College's education majors get hundreds of hours of field experience and student teaching completed before graduation.
York College's education majors get hundreds of hours of field experience and student teaching completed before graduation.

How to apply, important resources and more

  • Applying for Student Teaching

    The process of applying for the professional semester must commence one year prior to when an education major wishes to do the professional semester. In order to apply for the professional semester, students must have the following requirements completed:

    • PPES Status prior to the end of the semester in which you submit your application
    • York College cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 by the end of the semester in which you submit your application

    Near the beginning of each semester, instructions are emailed to all Education students who have PPES. Instructions can also be found on this webpage (see link Instructions to Apply for Student Teaching" under "Information and Forms"). These instructions include information on completing the Student Teaching Application process. The applications are due by no later than 3:30 p.m. on the due date. Applications for fall semester Student Teaching are due October 1 (1 year prior); spring semester Student Teaching applications are due March 1 (1 year prior).

  • North Carolina Student Teaching Experience

    There is a special opportunity for student teaching in addition to student teaching in the local area school districts. York College students may request to student teach in Burke County Public Schools, which is located at the foot of the Majestic Blue Ridge Mountain Range in North Carolina.

    Burke County Public Schools, located in Morganton, North Carolina, provide student teachers with a unique experience in a rural area that strongly supports education and teachers. The student population of approximately 15,000 is diverse. Successful education is a top priority at each of the 27 schools.

    This student teaching experience requires additional processes beyond what is described next. Anyone choosing this Burke County location will be provided with additional information. An informative presentation is offered each semester. Any student considering student teaching should attend this presentation.

  • Letters of Completion

    To qualify for a letter of completion you must:

    • Have passed all your PRAXIS/PECT exams and we must have your score report on file in our office
    • Have passed student teaching and associated courses
    • Be certified for graduation or program completion by the Records Office

    Letters will be available beginning the last day of student teaching.
    Letters are signed by the Education Department Chair and may be used as a temporary substitute teaching Pennsylvania license.

  • Information & Forms

What participants need to know

Cooperating Teachers
Information for professional educators working with our student teachers in the classroom.
College Supervisors
The liaison between the Education department at York College and the public school where our student teacher is working.
Alternate Teacher Education Program
For education majors who do not wish to student teach or who are ineligible for student teaching.