Teacher Education Alternate Program

The Teacher Education Alternate Program is available to teacher certification candidates that decide the classroom is not the place for them. A student can still earn a baccalaureate degree without certification. These individuals may have developed an interest in the broader concept of “education” (as it refers to related careers and interests), but do not desire work in a public school classroom setting.

Reflective of this option, students elect to schedule Directed Professional Educational Experience for a maximum of four credits rather than student teaching. This experience is tailored to meet the personal and career goals of the individuals. Additionally, the experience includes coursework (minimum of nine credits) that responds to the student’s particular needs. Those electing, or being recommended for, this option may seek career paths which include work experiences dealing with people and education in a variety of settings other than the classroom.

Examples of career paths served by this non-certification degree are:

  • positions involving training and development in a variety of businesses and corporations
  • educational specialists within social services or governmental agencies
  • administrators of community agencies
  • careers in public relations and banking
  • youth organizations

Students opting for this program must officially apply one year prior to entering their Professional Semester.