Field Experience Clearances

In order to engage in any type of field experience at any location or be an education major, students must have a photocopy of the following clearances in their departmental education major file. All clearances must be updated annually. You must have clearances that are less than a year old to start each semester and the clearances must be valid for the entire semester. 

Clearances are only accepted by the Department of Education if they show the following status:

     PA Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse History Clearance - “No Record Exists.” 

     Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check - “No Record.”

     Federal Criminal History Record - “A search of the fingerprints on the above individual has revealed no prior


The cost and mailing of the applications are the student's responsibility. When students receive their clearances in the mail, they are responsible for bringing the original of each document to the Education department office and having official copies made. The originals will be returned to the student for safe keeping.

Students are ineligible to begin field experience or go through PPES unless these forms are on file in their permanent file in the Education department. Please be aware that these applications can take as many as 12 weeks to be processed by these Pennsylvania departments.