Field Experience & Student Teaching

The Office of Field Services includes Field Experience and Student Teaching.  Field experience is an integral part of the initial certification programs offered in the Department of Education. The Field Experience component provides school-based participation for the teacher candidate throughout the phases of the certification programs and culiminates in Student Teaching.  Student Teaching takes place during the very last semester after all academic coursework has been completed.

All Education Majors will need a minimum of 150 hours of Field Experience to enter Student Teaching.

Pre-Professional Educator Status (PPES)

All Education majors who wish to pursue teaching certification must obtain PPES before they are eligible to enroll in professional preparation course work.

Requirements for obtaining PPES are outlined and described on the PPES Application‌.

Things to consider when applying for PPES

  • PPES applications must be submitted as a packet, which includes photocopies of all requirements listed on the application.

  • It is strongly suggested that Education majors apply for PPES by the end of their first semester sophomore year or as soon as requirements are met.

  • Professional Preparation courses do require many field experience hours, therefore the earlier students can enroll in these courses the better their scheduling and work load will be distributed.