Early Elementary/Special Education Major

The dual Early Elementary/Special Education major is designed to facilitate an understanding and appreciation of the individual differences that exist in today’s special and general educational settings. In an era of increasing diversity and inclusionary practices, it is imperative that prospective teachers gain knowledge and skill about students with special needs and English Language Learners so that, as teachers, they can promote a highly effective instructional environment. This degree prepares students for professional teacher certification in both general education (PreK-grade 4) and special education (PreK-grade 8). 

Careers in Early Elementary/Special Education

Career opportunities lie in various school districts working directly with children, families, groups, and communities.

Positions include:

  • Teacher for Early Elementary (pre-kindergarten through grade 4)
  • Teacher for Special Education (pre-kindergarten through grade 8)

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism is demonstrating positive attitude and consistent work ethic."

Lucas Dimini,

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