Speech Communication Major

The ability to communicate with skill, clarity and persuasion provides excellent preparation for careers in education, sales, advertising and business as well as work within health, social and government organizations.

Upon graduation, students in our Speech Communication major are well-qualified in both the technical skills of their chosen major and the practical skills of effective communication in a professional and personal setting. Additionally, students are provided with a theoretical foundation in communication which is essential for future employment.

Please note: Speech Communication will no longer be offered as a major beginning in Fall 2015. However, we offer similar Communication majors that may interest you:

Careers in Speech Communication

The ability to speak clearly, confidently and passionately is a learned skill that can propel someone into Speech Communication.

Positions include:

  • Trainers and Training Department Directors
  • Speech Educators
  • Voice-Over Specialists
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Professional Speechwriters and Speech Coaches
  • Corporate Spokespersons and Public Affairs Directors
  • Non-Profit Executive Directors
  • Communication and Development Directors
  • Attorneys and Legislative/Political Advisors
  • Reconciliation and Mediation Specialists

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism is how someone carries one’s self. It is their behaviors, dress, attitude, etc. "

Morgan Kirk,

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Internships are an invaluable part of your education. Speech Communication students apply what they've learned in class in experiential learning environments like internships, where they develop and refine skills they'll use in their careers. Learn more.

The Barr Scholarships

The Jeanine Barr and LaMarr Rice Speech Communication scholarships are awarded annually to speech communication students who meet eligibility requirements. The late Jeanine Barr was a distinguished Speech Communication faculty member whose love of effective public speaking lives on in these scholarships.

Faculty Spotlight

Thomas Hall, Ph.D. is keenly aware of the impact of what people say in public. Government leader, politicians, educators and even medical professionals call on Hall to help them communicate effectively, particularly in tough situations.

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