The Communication division resides in Wolf Hall. Our two large video production studios are supported by a state-of-the-art Master Control Room, complete with computer-lighting systems for both studios, digital storage servers, program rundown and teleprompter software, expansion audio board, flat screen monitors and camera control consoles, graphics generation and time-sequenced playback capability.

Video Editing and Audio Production

Adjacent to Master Control, eight Apple Final Cut Pro 7 editing stations meet student needs to produce digital video programming. Audio production facilities are integrated into Studio 8, enabling students to create and mix their own sound on two 24-track audio-mixing rooms, and Logic and Sonar nonlinear audio workstations.


The Division also operates two college radio stations (WVYC-FM and WVYC-AM). Both stations are located on the second floor of the Iosue Student Union. Four production/broadcast control rooms allow students to produce recorded programming and complete off-air coursework. 

News: Windows to the World

WVYC maintains a constant window on the world through 24-hour Associated Press satellite news service. CNN Newsource, affiliate digital video news service, continues to feed our broadcast news courses with the same video feeds commercial news outlets receive daily.


  • 30’ X 40’ broadcast studio
  • 40’ X 40’ broadcast studio
  • 6 Hitachi studio cameras
  • Sachtler Camera Pedestals
  • 6 multi-use sets
  • Grass Valley switcher
  • 360 Digitial Servers
  • Allen and Heath Audio Console



  • Soundcraft 28 X 24 Audio Console
  • Tascam 16-Track Audio Recorder
  • Mackie D8B Digital Console
  • Alesis HD24 Digital Recorder
  • Neumann U48 and M49 Microphones

Computer Lab

  • 24 Workstation PC Lab
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Microsoft Vista Operating System