Institute for Quality

As an academic initiative of the Donald Graham School of Business at York College, the Institute for Quality (IQ) will connect faculty specialists (“IQ Scholars”) with highly motivated students (“IQ Fellows”) to complete projects in the realm of quality and continuous improvement for organizations (“IQ Project Partners”).

The Institute for Quality will contribute to the economic vitality of organizations in the region by leveraging York College talent--faculty and emerging young professionals--to advance quality.


Appell Life Sciences Building, Room 337

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The Institute for Quality at York College will complete projects that serve as the conduit to:

  • better experiential career preparation for the students involved;
  • measureable improvement in organizational performance for the involved companies;
  • relevant scholarly and professional development of participating faculty; and,
  • meaningful community engagement by the campus.


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Students selected to participate in a project will be awarded an IQ Fellowship and be known as “IQ Fellows.” In an academic setting a fellow is often part of an elite group of learned people who are awarded fellowships to work together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge or practice. IQ Fellows will receive a stipend each semester for their performance.


The Institute for Quality works with regional organizations to address one or more predetermined process or operations improvement projects. Anticipated duties to complete the project include limited manufacturing machine testing, data collection, process troubleshooting, problem solving, cost estimation, Excel-based data analysis, statistical analysis, report writing, lean implementation, project teamwork, participation in executive meetings, presentations and other similar duties.