Economics Major

Our Economics major equips students with the necessary skills to understand economic developments within our industrialized society. As globalization and politics continue to increase the complexity of nearly every industry in the world economy, there is increasing demand for professionals with both quantitative and communication skills to analyze and forecast business and economic trends. Our major provides the knowledge and develops the skills needed to attain decision-making positions within government, academia, the financial sectors and industry. At York College, one of the best colleges for economics, students will also gain a strong foundation for graduate studies.

Careers in Economics

Economists study how society distributes resources to produce goods and services. They conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends and develop forecasts on a wide variety of issues, often developing methods for obtaining the data they need.

Positions include:

  • Microeconomists
  • Industrial Economists
  • Macroeconomists
  • International Economists
  • Labor Economists or Demographic Economists
  • Public Finance Economists
  • Econometricians

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism to me is being accountable, reliable, and hard working. With those three skills and a solid knowledge base, success will follow."

Chris Gause,

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Institute for Quality

The Institute for Quality at York College contributes to the economic vitality of organizations in the region by leveraging York College talent - faculty and emerging young professionals - to advance quality.

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