Kelli-intubation in Dr. Vega's class

Pre-Medical Studies

The Pre-Medical Studies program is designed to prepare you for a variety of medical and other health-related professional schools. A well-rounded education combining science and non-science courses is the preference of medical schools as opposed to any particular major. As a Pre-Medical Studies student, you will have the opportunity to participate in courses offered at York Hospital, medically related research and activities with the Pre-Medical and Allied Health Society (PMAHS). We encourage you to further explore the field by doing volunteer work in hospitals, clinical shadowing and internships.   


Pre-Med Scholars Program

Are you a high school student interested in pursuing medical school? Learn more about our Pre-Medical Studies program.


Faculty Committee

Our faculty committee is made up of experts in biological sciences, chemistry, behavorial science, and humanities. Learn more about our Pre-Medical Studies committee. 



Pre-medical and Allied Health Society Invited Speakers

We will host a variety of speakers throughout the academic year. Guest lecturers will be discussing scholarships, advice on the application process and requirements for pre-health professional programs.