Biological Sciences Mission

"The Biological Sciences faculty are dedicated to teaching and conducting research and very committed to the mission of the department."

 - Ron Kaltreider, Ph.D., Department Chair

The overall mission of our department is to provide students with a solid and rigorous foundation in biology, emphasizing a balance between the molecular/cellular and organismal/population areas of the field. While attempting to find order in life through comparisons and classifications, the biologist looks at the underlying principles involved in energy transformation, evolutionary mechanisms and regulatory forces.  How is each individual unique and how does it function as part of a larger population in a community of different species? In the broadest sense, biologists take a worldview of living organisms and their roles in the global ecosystem.

Towards this end, it is imperative that students be subjected to scientific diversity and realizes the far-reaching implications of this field of study. It is equally critical for students to develop strong communication and presentation skills if they are to succeed. Therefore, our Biology program provides students exposure to many specific areas of study that can subsequently enable them to pursue an unlimited number of vocational directions. Moreover, the Biology curriculum is designed to cultivate effective communication and presentation skills.


  • acquire a knowledge of the nature of science in general and Biology in particular to pursue careers in Biology and graduate/professional school
  • acquire a knowledge and proficiency in experimental procedures and techniques suitable for careers in industry or graduate school
  • acquire an introduction to the theories, methodologies and the philosophy of science and Biology in particular
  • develop critical thinking skills which meet or exceed the skills possessed by graduates of comparable academic institutions
  • creatively ask biological questions, design and conduct research experiments and communicate clearly these results