Naylor Ecological Sciences Center

The Naylor Ecological Sciences Center opened Fall 2010. This visually stunning and functional three story structure added two new teaching/research labs (aquatic and terrestrial laboratories), a large aquaria space, a controlled growth chamber, research spaces and is topped by five glasshouses.  This impressive building is dedicated to Irvin S. Naylor who generously supported the construction of the new addition to the Biological Sciences department.



Each of the five greenhouses will have independent climate control that will permit students and faculty to grow plants under a wide variety of conditions; tropical plants under hot, humid conditions in one room, while trees can pass their winter dormancy under cool, dry conditions in another room.


These glass houses are supported by a large (550 square foot) headhouse on the second floor.

Aquatic and Terrestrial Labs

The spacious teaching labs are generously lit by ambient light from a wall of windows. Students can work at one of five large pods or along the stretch of benches lining the perimeter of the lab. Teaching in the lab will be enhanced by an overhead LED projector, 20 laptop computers and wireless Internet access. In addition to providing facilities for ecological studies on plants and animals, the lab will also feature molecular genetics equipment for studying evolutionary biology.


Our aquaria is located in the first floor of the Ecological Sciences Building. Students doing research with fish and invertebrates will find the aquaria a state of the art research area.