Nuclear Medicine Technology Major

Our Nuclear Medicine Technology major prepares students for a professional career as a nuclear medicine technologist. Nuclear medicine is a specialty area of medical practice that uses radioactive isotopes and special sensitive instrumentation to help diagnose and treat certain diseases. The nuclear medicine technologist is an individual who has received special training to perform the many patient procedures, which will assist the nuclear physician in diagnosis and treatment. The individual is trained in this instrumentation used to perform body function studies, imaging procedures and laboratory tests done on various body fluids.

Careers in Nuclear Medicine

The majority of Nuclear Medicine Technologists practice in hospital nuclear medicine departments assisting nuclear physicians with diagnostic and treatment procedures. 

Other clinical settings include:

  • Outpatient Imaging Centers
  • Public Health Institutions
  • Government and Private Research Institutes
  • University Affiliated Teaching Hospitals and Medical Centers

Professionalism is...


"Professionalism to me is being accountable, reliable, and hard working. With those three skills and a solid knowledge base, success will follow."

Chris Gause,

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Upon completion of the Nuclear Medicine Technology major, graduates will demonstrate:

  • the ability to comprehend, apply, and evaluate information relevant to their role as a nuclear medicine technologist.
  • technical proficiency in all skills necessary to fill their role as a nuclear medicine technologist.
  • personal behavior consistent with professional employer expectations for the nuclear medicine technologist.

Special Opportunities

The Nuclear Medicine Technology major is part of a consortium composed of area hospitals and colleges. Students spends the first three years of the four-year program completing courses at York College. During the junior year, application is made to the consortium for the final clinical year of the program.

Faculty Spotlight

Elizabeth Hodgson, biology instructor and nuclear medicine and radiography coordinator, teaches human anatomy and physiology at York College. Learn more about Professor Hodgson.