Psychology Outcome Assessment Program

The Psychology major conducts an active yearly evaluation of its academic activities. All Psychology majors are required to participate in the evaluation process. The major utilizes a number of measures to assess and evaluate.

The ETS Outcomes Test in Psychology

All Psychology majors must complete this test during their senior year. Students will be contacted to arrange for this examination. Students will also complete a Senior Seminar Paper and will present this paper in a formal setting. This activity will be accomplished as part of the requirements of PSY490, Senior Seminar.

The Psychology Graduating Senior Group Exit Interview

All graduating seniors will participate in a group discussion of the Psychology major. Faculty members in the major lead these discussions. Students will be provided thought questions prior to the focus groups. Students will be contacted regarding the scheduling of these groups.

The Psychology Graduating Senior Exit Survey

All graduating seniors will complete a survey and submit it to the program coordinator prior to graduation.

Independent Research Project

All students will complete a research-based independent project. The paper will be completed according to APA style. In most cases, this requirement will be fulfilled in the context of PSY370, Design and Analysis.

The Portfolio Program

All students must maintain a record of their writing in Psychology. Papers for designated courses are stored in the portfolio and are reviewed upon graduation. For details, students should see their advisor and the portfolio instructions.

Copies of the Outcome Assessment Data and Report are available in the Department Office, Life Sciences, Room 355.