Psychology Internships

  • Available during fall, spring, and summer session
  • Can complete two internships for course credit
  • Any student interested in an internship should speak with Carla Strassle, Ph.D., (Life Sciences, Room 317) at 717.815.6414 or

Applied internships

  • Learn about the application of psychological principles.
  • Various settings and populations available
  • Helpful for students planning to go immediately into the workforce
  • Helpful for students planning to pursue a graduate degree in some psychology or mental health/human services area
  • Available in clinical, counseling, school, and business settings

Research internships

  • Participate in ongoing research activities
  • Helpful for students planning to pursue a doctoral degree or a research-intensive master’s degree
  • Available in medical school and private research settings

For additional information on internships, check out the Career Development Center.