Behavioral Sciences Department Projects

In the Behavioral Sciences department, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of projects that include conference presentations, community service and service learning, internships, independent studies, experiential learning simulations and collaborative research projects with faculty.

Living History video

Perspectives in Aging

Digital Life History Project

Students in GER100, Perspectives in Aging, can select one of three projects including the Digital Life History Project. Students are paired with an older adult in the community who has expressed an interest in working with students and in sharing their stories. Digital stories are short 3-5 minute multimedia “movies” that combine photographs, video, animation, sound, music, text, and often a narrative voice. 

Conference Presentation

Crystal Bastress (Poe) '12 lived for three days in a local nursing home. As part of a study exploring life in a nursing home, Crystal was admitted to The Village at Sprenkle Drive Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, York, Pa. She presented about her experience at the Southern Gerontological Society's 2012 annual meeting. She is pictured (right) with Kelly Niles-Yokum, assistant professor of gerontology. 

Southern Gerontological Society

Community Service

Students in the Ethical Aspects of Aging class recently participated in This I Believe, a project that allows students and their older partners to explore their core beliefs and their personal philosophy of life in an environment of shared creativity. The students are pictured with their partners during the final session at Normandie Ridge Senior Living Community, York, Pa.


This I Believe