Faculty Bio

Philip J. Verrecchia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice


  • B.S., West Chester University (1990)
  • M.S., Shippensburg University (1995)
  • Ph.D., Marywood University (2003)


  • Coordinator, Criminal Justice


  • Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • Examining Terrorism
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminal Justice Statistics

Research Interests

  • Juvenile offenders in adult court.
  • Gender issues in criminal justice.
  • Delinquency and maltreatment.
  • Restorative justice.

Recent Publications

  • Verrecchia, PJ & Sloan, M. (2013). Has 30 years made a difference? Attitudes of male criminal justice majors towards female police officers revisited (again). Virginia Social Science Journal (48), 97-112.
  • Verrecchia, PJ & Ling, E. (2013). The effects of legal and extralegal factors on probation revocation decisions. International Journal of Criminology and Sociology (2), 13-19.
  • Verrecchia, PJ & Hutzell, K.L. (2012). Exploring accountability: Accountable to whom? Virginia Social Science Journal (47), 49-65.
  • Verrecchia, PJ (2011). The effect of transfer mechanism from juvenile court on conviction on a target offense in criminal court. Contemporary Justice Review, (14)2, 189-201.
  • Verrecchia, PJ, Fetzer, M. D., Lemmon, J.H., & Austin, T.L. (2011). Policy implications of the effects of maltreatment type, age, recurrence, severity and other ecological risks on persistent offending among disadvantaged boys. Criminal Justice Policy Review (22)2, 187-218.