Departmental Awards are presented every semester to students who have demonstrated excellence in their academics and in service to the department, the college and the community. Recipients of the awards are selected by the faculty within their respective majors by criteria established by each major.

Departmental Requirements

  • Overall GPA 3.0 or higher
  • GPA in major 3.2 or higher
  • 15 or more credit hours in major
  • Graduating senior

The submission deadlines are November 1, 2014 (fall semester) and March 25, 2015 (spring semester). Contact the Department of Behavioral Sciences at 717.815.1375 for more information and to obtain a copy of the application form.

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December 2013 Departmental Recipients

During a graduation reception honoring May graduates, four students were recognized with departmental honors in Behavioral Sciences.  Dr. Steck presented one of the Behavioral Science Departmental Recognition Awards to Brooke E. McNamara (York, PA), Dr. Jacob presented one to Ashley W. Lantz (York, PA), Dr. Ligon presented one to Julia C. Dolan (Brooklyn, NY) and Dr. Jacob presented the final Behavioral Science award to Shannon McMullen (Medford, NJ).  Not pictured but also receiving departmental honor awards in Psychology were Annemarie E. Browne (Valley Cottage, NY) and Michelle J. Mueller (New Park, PA).

  May 2014 Departmental Honors

 Dr. Steck and Brooke McNamara

May 2014 Departmental  Honors

Dr. Jacob and Ashley Lantz

 May 2014 Departmental Honors

 Dr. Ligon and Julia Dolan

 May 2014 Departmental Honors

 Shannon McMullen and Dr. Jacob