Spring on the York College campus

Adjunct Faculty

Shelly Clay-Robison

Lecturer in Sociology and Anthropology - Human Rights and Conflict Management Professional
Behavioral Sciences
Patricia Collamer
Patricia T. Collamer

Lecturer in Sociology - Creative nonfiction writer, published author
Behavioral Sciences
Clair R. Doll

Lecturer in Sociology - Deputy Warden-Treatment/York County Prison
Behavioral Sciences
Marilou V. Erb

Lecturer in Psychology - Criminal Lawyer/Consultant
Behavioral Sciences
Rodney D. Grim

Lecturer in Behavioral Sciences - Research Scientist, Community-teaching Hospital
Behavioral Sciences
Christine Harrop-Stein

Lecturer in Sociology - Behavioral Research/Advocate for Grieving Children/Gerontologist
Behavioral Sciences
Lisa L. Hess

Lecturer in Psychology - Retired Elementary School Counselor
Behavioral Sciences
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Lisa K. Hoffman

Lecturer in Human Services - Pediatric Occupational Therapist in Private Practice
Behavioral Sciences