The York College Mission and Vision

Our Mission

  • To make available, at the baccalaureate and associate degree levels, high-quality academic programs, which include general education components appropriate for the program’s degree level and which cover a broad range of majors in professional and career fields as well as the arts and sciences
  • To offer carefully selected master’s, doctoral, and other graduate degree programs, which reflect the enrollment emphases of the undergraduate curriculum and the professional development needs of the region
  • To create a teaching and learning environment characterized by individual attention to students, high-quality classroom instruction, thoughtful application of relevant technology, encouragement of lifelong learning, attention to critical thinking skills, and strict adherence to principles of academic honesty
  • To provide York College’s educational programs with a superior degree of efficiency, in order to maintain the lowest feasible costs for students
  • To attract applications from students from a variety of social, economic, and geographic backgrounds, playing a special role in addressing the higher education aspirations of the people of York County
  • To enroll principally students whose academic preparation places them in the broad middle to above-average range of applicants for their intended degree programs, while remaining open to accepting some students who have demonstrated the capacity and motivation to succeed, even though they have not yet fully achieved their academic potential
  • To provide educational opportunities for traditional-age, adult, full-time, and part-time students
  • To facilitate the holistic development of students who devote full-time to their collegiate experience through their active participation in campus life
  • To build and sustain a stimulating campus community that engages student interest and involvement in cultural, spiritual, sports, and recreational programs;To provide appropriate enrichment activities for part-time and adult learners
  • To place at the service of the community to the extent feasible the College’s human and cultural resources and educational facilities

Our Vision

York College is dedicated to preparing students to be professionals in whatever career they pursue by:

  • Executing a national poll that defines the characteristics of professionalism;
  • Developing co-curricular programs that exemplify professional characteristics.