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At York College, we prepare students as professionals in whatever career they pursue. Under the direction of the Center for Professional Excellence (CPE), we offer valuable resources, tips, experience and research that will help students develop a concrete plan to attain academic growth and career success. 


The CPE also conducts a national professionalism study that defines the characteristics of professionalism and assists in developing seminars and events for students.


Our President

Dr G-S 2014-15

Meet Dr. Gunter-Smith

At York College, you’ll find an exceptional community of learners and doers who have enriching experiences both in and out of the classroom. York College prides itself on preparing students to be professionals in whatever career they pursue. I invite you to visit York College and to learn how our “results matter.”

Fast Facts

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What Makes York College Distinct?


of York College alumni surveyed say that their quality college education prepared them as a professional in their chosen field.


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Located in York, PA

190-acre suburban campus in historic York County with convenient interstate access.

  • 45 minutes from Harrisburg and Lancaster
  • One hour from Baltimore
  • Two hours from D.C.
  • Two and a half hours from Philadelphia
  • Four hours from NYC, Pittsburgh and Richmond