Spring on the York College campus

History of York College

The roots of York College of Pennsylvania reach deep into the history of the York, PA community. The College can trace its ancestry back to three institutions: York County Academy, York Collegiate Institute and York Junior College.

Transformation through the yearsLooking back

  • York County Academy

    York County Academy: 1787

    York College began with the York County Academy, an English classical school built in the city of York after the Revolutionary War. The academy featured a program to train elementary school teachers. 

  • York Collegiate Institute

    York Collegiate Institute: 1929

    York County Academy merged with another private college prep school, York Collegiate Institute, and moved into a newer building in the city of York that was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt. The private schools survived the Great Depression. 

  • York Junior College

    York Junior College: 1941

    York Junior College was added to serve the needs of students at York Collegiate Institute. Enrollment at York Junior College grew rapidly after World War II and again after the Korean War. The junior college acquired a 57.5-acre property outside of the City where today's campus continues to reside.

  • York College of Pennsylvania

    York College of Pennsylvania: 1968

    York Junior College quickly added administrative and academic buildings, and dormitories to the new property as administrators transitioned the junior college into a four-year college to be known as York College of Pennsylvania.

    YCP campus with clock and students

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