Spring on the York College campus

Residence Life Information for Current Students

Everything you need to know about what to bring when you move in

It’s been a long break, and now you’re trying to remember what you can and can’t bring, especially for a different residence hall. Check out our lists below for help. When in doubt, contact our office rather than rely on what you’ve heard third-hand! Policies change and rules may be misunderstood, so we want to make sure you know exactly what’s expected. 

Friends hanging out inside Northside Commons at York College
Moving to a different residence hall and need to know what's allowed? You'll find answers here.
Springtime on the York College campus - a look at some of our residence halls

Our suggested packing lists The "Should I bring this?" Is this allowed?" student packing guide

Before you go buy stuff for your new room, check these lists first. More importantly, you can see what NOT to bring!