Spring on the York College campus

Leadership Challenge

You want to become a leader, but are you ready to take that next step?

Each spring, high school juniors are invited to participate in an innovative program designed to help them get ready for new challenges and responsibilities. During The Student Leadership Challenge at York College, students will participate in hands-on activities to help them discover what qualities make a truly effective leader.  Students who attend will engage and connect with highly-motivated York College student leaders, who will help attendees envision themselves as future leaders in their schools and communities. 

Program Fee

A fee of $29 includes breakfast and lunch at the College, course materials, and all activities.  Students who successfully participate in the program will be eligible to win an iPad mini.

Student Leadership Challenge

Is the Leadership Challenge right for me?

  • Why leadership matters

    In today’s quickly changing world, successful students must continually set new goals and adapt to challenging environments. Whether they aspire to be an entrepreneur, nurse, teacher, engineer, artist, lawyer, or any other profession, leadership qualities will be important to their success.

    At the Student Leadership Challenge, participants will learn and apply the following four essential leadership skills:

    • Modeling the Way: Use your unique talents to set the example and become a trailblazer
    • Inspiring a Shared Vision: Engage others to imagine the possibilities and influence results
    • Challenging the Process: Take the initiative to explore alternatives and generate small wins
    • Enabling Others to Act: Strengthen others by building trust, inspiring individuals, and facilitating collaboration

    Taking advantage of opportunities to cultivate leadership skills is a distinction that will set them apart from their peers during this pivotal time in their lives.

  • Who Should Attend

    This innovate program is designed for:

    • High school juniors who show promise as an up-and-coming student leader and would likely benefit from a hands-on leadership experience
    • Juniors with a GPA minimum of 3.0 or higher
    • Students with the potential to lead now or in the future
    • Students who are outgoing, quiet, or those who exhibit a mix of both personality characteristics are welcome
    • Students able to positively influence others