Spring on the York College campus

Prep for the real world

“So, what will you do after you graduate?”

As a senior, you can expect to be getting this question from all directions: your family, friends and faculty. How will you reply? What do you wish you could tell them? If this situation sounds familiar, we’re here to help.

This fall we are launching our Get Ready to Go Pro program. We’ve worked with recent YCP grads to design a learn-by- doing experience with tangible results. You’ll discover your Top 5 Strengths and how to build a winning profile. You'll receive individualized coaching on how to communicate “your story” in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd. Interested?

Final Semester

The right tools at the right time

Our Get Ready to Go Pro program helps you accelerate that final transition from student to professional with confidence and clarity. This small-group experience consists of the following sessions:
  • Session 1: Use the popular StrengthsFinder tool to identify your unique talents.
  • Session 2: Blend your coursework, character and capabilities into an authentic persona.
  • Session 3: Engage trusted individuals to help you navigate your future pathways.
  • Session 4: Learn how to manage your loans and set financial goals with resources from NerdWallet.
Get Ready to Go Pro
Jason Keller
"With the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, I was more than prepared to explain why my talents were best suited for the job and for their organization. "
Public Relations
Mohnton, Pennsylvania
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