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Career Development Center

You are in college to help land a great job. The Career Development Center positions you perfectly so you can confidently hand over that well-rounded resume or find additional learning possibilities.

It’s true that students can forget about what goes into applying for a job until the moment they need to hand over an application. Students at York don’t have to worry about that because the Career Development Center exposes students to career development concepts throughout their education - not just senior year. They work closely with students to identify how their interests, skills, values and personality are essential as they explore career fields and gain experiences to find their path. Their ultimate goal is to prepare students for a lifetime of career success.

The center goes well beyond résumé polishing. On-campus networking events, hosting employers on campus as panelists, career planning workshops, mini-internship fairs, and on campus interviews are just a few of the possibilities.

York College hosts career expos to get you in front of potential employers
York College hosts career expos to get you in front of potential employers
York College career expo, part of the Career Development Office
Career expos get you in front of potential employers. We also offer access to resume workshops, internship fairs and more. Register through Spartan Career Path!

Your route to jobs and internships Spartan Career Path

Are you hungry for an internship or job? Use this to track down internships and job opportunities, as well as register for upcoming events. Parents are encouraged to use these resources as well to help your child take an active role in career decision-making.
  • Students/Alumni: Search for jobs and internships, schedule appointments, and see our calendar.
  • Employers: Find out how to hire a Spartan and list internship availabilities.

Career Development events, opportunities, and more

  • What tools are available to help me choose and pursue a career?

    We offer many methods and opportunities to get you on the right path:

    • Career Fairs
    • Graduate school/pre-law workshops
    • Opportunities to network with employers
    • Internship spotlights
    • Majors Fair
    • Resume Workshops
  • What upcoming events can I attend?

    Check with our office for the most up-to-date listings and any last-second changes!

Career Development Tips

Helpful advice for employers, parents, and students
  • For students/alumni

    For students/alumni

    All of the important links, dates, job fair information and more is in our students and alumni section. Check back often for update info. If you don't see what you need, ask! You need to be your own best advocate when it comes to finding a career, job, or internship — and we'll help guide you every step.

  • For employers

    For employers

    Thank you for your interest in working with York College. We look forward to partnering with you and hope that you will find the following links to be helpful.

    As a service to both our students and their potential employers, we use an online recruiting and job posting system called Spartan Career Path, which is powered by NACElink/Symplicity. With Spartan Career Path, you’ll be able to:

    1. Post your jobs, internships and co-ops to York College students and alumni for free. (Note: NACElink charges a fee for multi-school postings.)
    2. Schedule on-campus interviews and information sessions/tables.
    3. Register for upcoming recruiting events.
    4. Conveniently use just one user name and password for any school in the NACElink network of schools.

    After logging in to Spartan Career Path, please complete your employer profile with as much information as possible to maximize your use of the system. The more information you provide, the more attention your company will get from students and alumni. Use our Employer Reference Sheet for more information about navigating the system. And check out our Employer section for info about internships and more.

    Save the Date!
    York College Career Expo
    Wednesday, March 16, 2016

  • For parents

    For parents

    Be familiar with our "Students and Alumni" section so you know what's available. On the Employer tab below, you can find how to hire a Spartan, help us build relationships with employers, or get involved in other Career Development Center events.

    There are many experiences, ideas, tools, resources, programs, activities and services that constitute your student's college experience. Encourage your student to get involved with the Career Development Center. It’s never too early to start!

    Five steps to help your student achieve success at York College:

    1. Remind your student to take an active role in the process of making career decisions.
    2. Emphasize the importance and value of internship experience.
    3. Encourage co-curricular involvement.
    4. Advise students to develop and update their resume as they go through college.
    5. Teach the value of networking.

    Each student should develop a personalized “Plan to Succeed” for their academic career. Use this resource to see what your student may choose to include in his/her plan as well as when to implement each step.

York College student Joel Copenheaver scuba dives in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia during his study abroad experience.

Study Abroad

Egypt, Italy and Australia are just a few of the recent study abroad experiences by York College students. We offer opportunities ranging from a short-term, course-related trip to a full year abroad. The Career Development Center can assist you in finding and applying for a study abroad experience that can transform your world view and education.

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Career Development
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